My Homelab

So, I've really been meaning to make a proper post about this for quite some time. So here I finally am.

The homelab as a whole is my place to mess with technology and get practice using and running certain systems and networks.

In it, I have my Cisco hardware for my certifications, my Dell servers for either my NAS, or my ESXi Host, or my Windows Server test machine.

Lovely picture here:

Going top to bottom, I have my 2 Dell PowerEdge 2950's, each with the following specs:

2x Intel Xeon 5160 @ 3.0GHz
Mismatch of SAS/SATA Disks of various sizes

Then comes my CCNA Hardware.

Catalyst 2950
Catalyst 3524
Cisco ISR 2821 x 3

Lastly, we have my powersucking PowerEdge 2800, my "NAS" for the network.
It holds all the backups of anything I need, as well as just a nice place to put files that are too large to fit nicely on a VM.

For some more detailed pictures you can view this imgur album.

Now, overall, this homelab runs quite a few things, it runs the Atlassian servers (BitBucket and Bamboo) for Sinn Development on the ESXi Host, as well as my test server for EcoCityCraft on the Windows Server box.
Overall, it's quite a nice setup for me to be using and learning from while in high school.

I'm planning to upgrade the core of my network to be 10GB, but that's quite an investment.
I hope to replace my pfSense router (it's hiding under the 2800) with a MikroTik CCR1036-8G-2S+

Which has 2 SFP+ ports that I can use in addition to a Quanta LB6M SFP+ Switch and my current PowerConnect switch for the servers. Each cost about $1000 USD. Ow. I'd be using the Mellanox ConnectX2 cards, at least one per host. But that's a plan for another day.

My overall plans with the homelab are to learn and expand my knowledge of technology, as well as having a place to mess around and test software I write.

I've got my plans and ideas on GitHub for whatever I have ideas for.
My next plan is to set up a Fibre Channel SAN for my ESXi server.