FRC, School, Programming, and Game Development


School starts, and geez, does that get annoying fast. I'm in my final Grade 12 year. This is for all the marbles. I either make it or break it here. I've gotta have my average over 87%, and I need to get a >80% mark in English, something I did in IB HL English as it actually enthused me and challenged me to do new things. Hopefully I can pull that off again.
For this semester, I've got quite a nice schedule. Business Leadership, then two spares. (Okay, one is actually my lunch) I go home for the spares and work on my homework and generally work on anything I haven't finished for work. I'll also occasionally work on rolling out EcoCityCraft's new network as their lead developer. Now, it's worth referencing that this is a Minecraft server. But that's a story for another time.
After my spares; I have Data Management and Advanced Functions, by far my two favourite classes. Both of which I have awesome teachers for.

School is going quite well, having gotten very good marks in the two quizzes and two tests that I have done for math, and I find it to be just about the level of work that I expected. Below the IB workload, but above the Grade 11 workload. Still a comfortable level of about an hour a day of homework.

Now, FRC. My robotic obsession. I really need to find a replacement for it as this will be my last year as a competing student. I have switched to Team 1360 ( aka. Oakville Community FIRST Robotics Team) due to personal reasons. I hope to help build the team from the ground up, and I hope to come back and mentor someday. I'll probably be posting a lot about robotics. We'll be competing at the Waterloo Regional. (WATER! WATER! WATER!)

Now... I've progressed much farther than I had anticipated when I resumed work on Infinity Runner, my company's game that we're currently working on. I've managed to overhaul the score system, add a few collectibles for fun, and write a badass save system. (Seriously, this thing is so awesome, it deserves it's own post.)

Over the summer I enrolled in the Virtual Highschool course of ICS4UO, aka, Computer Science Grade 12. It's Java, which is no problem, but the issue is that they are extremely pointed on doing what I like to call, English in CS. They insist on doing reports and research papers on things like environmental impact, where my Grade 11 online course with HDSB was simply programming, no English in CS as I like to call it.
You can track my procrastination here: https://github.com/JamieSinn/ICS4UO

I've also gotten into XenForo development. I've never really liked web development but this intrigues me, and so I bought a license and got to work. I made an extension on the login page to check if the username is a valid Minecraft account. (https://github.com/JamieSinn/XenForo-Minecraft-Username-Check)
And as always, MIT License.