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EcoCityCraft, affectionately called ECC by it's players, has been my time sink for the last 5 years, whether I've been playing, or developing, it's always been a part of my day.
Recently, we've rolled out the first stage in our new network, our lobby. It took far more work than expected. Andrewkm, the owner/founder of the server itself is a close personal friend of mine and we worked together for several weeks to get it out. We decided on what each server should have plugin wise, as well as resource wise. I rewrote a major staff feature on the server, and we updated and customized and expanded on countless plugins.

We're planning to add quite a few more servers, first of which is SkyBlock. Something I need to start work on soon but first, actually play the gamemode... Many players love this gamemode and we hope it'll bring in a lot more players!

I've had my hands on more or less every piece of this so far. And I love it.

Random ramblings, but eh. It's a blog.